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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

Hi Franz!

Last month (47 days ago) Franz Nahrada wrote:
list-en writes:
Best regards

May be your are asking Christian. Nonetheless here is my cent as far
as Free Software or other peer production is concerned.

In a way the "community" accumullates "resources" that allow an internal
code of mutual peer production.

It uses resources, yes. Whether they are accumulated would need
further clarification of that term.

In peer production the term mutual does not exist IMHO - at least not
in the sense it is used for instance in anarchism.

Ther is an "inside" of people whose
division of labour is built on a different code than market

If you like, yes. But in peer production this "inside" is open so the
term "inside" makes little sense.

an "outside" that is the source of technologies and resources that cant
yet be produced from the "inside".

I'd rather call it a substrate. But it is different, yes.

So the accumulation of money is like
accumulation of "foreign currency".

The term foreign currency implies the existence of a home currency. I
don't like that implication.

Would you agree with that?

Hmm... Not really - at least not as far as peer production is



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