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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

Michel Bauwens writes:

I'm not the one saying free software has no value, while in fact, it has
tremendous 'use' value. Otherwise, why would anybody bother using it?

You can only understand this on the background of sophisticted German
theoreticians expression. Because Marx uses "value" to sharply distinct
the "essence from the appearance of exchange value" (a very important
theoretical achievement imho indeed, and maybe easier to express in German
with "Wertform" and "Wertsubstanz", the term "valueless" has been applied
by the Marxists to express the respective qualities of phenomena: A
household work is valueless in that sense, and in contradiction to the
usual usage of the term it means a "non-affectedness by value form". 
Unfortunately, the direct translation from theoretical insight into
everday language is more difficult than some acknowledge. A country in
which a group of intellectuals comes up with a "Manifesto Against Labour"
has a pretty peculiar scene of thought which directly negates popular use
of language (and also ambiguity of forms) - a grave mistake in my eyes.

Also, there are more sophisticated attempts to express this -  like in
German you can distinguish between "wertlos" and "wertfrei"  ("value-less"
versus "value-free").


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