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Re: [ox-en] Gartner: Windows collapsing under its own weight

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A main point made is that Windows is to bulky, inflexible and does not
scale - especially to low hardware resources. Gnu/Linux on the other
hand is the exact opposite. It is extremely modular, usable in every
thinkable way and scales very nicely. In other words the quality of
Gnu/Linux is higher than that of Windows here.

An anecdote  about Windows Vista.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked with a friend who is based in Charlotte,
North Carolina. He oversees the installation of broadband internet, and
messaged me asking if I knew anything about Windows Vista. His corporation
is docking pay from their internet installers if they cannot successfully
get internet installed for end user. Apparently, they are having trouble
with Windows Vista. It turns out that manufacturers, like Dell, Gateway,
etc, load up Vista with a bunch of spyware that reports back to companies,
special trial versions of software, etc. This brings Vista to a crawl, on
top of the memory-hogging nature of Vista itself.

I gave him a suggestion: that he could go to download live cd, give these to his
techs, have them boot customers computers with live cd and verify that
internet connection is working correctly, and leave this CD with customers
if they want to.

They could also screencapture and email data transfer and connection specs
while booted in liveCD to corporate headquarters. So, that is what they are
doing in Charlotte, NC! Apparently, the corporation likes it, because they
are no longer responsible for paying people to correct Microsoft problems,
so they may adopt this as company-wide practice. Open source software may
end up saving them money, by proving that their service is working right,
and that the problem is in the software people are running on their

A google search reveals that this is a nation-wide problem with Vista and
HCI internet connections.

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