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[ox-en] Gartner: Windows collapsing under its own weight


A few months ago two Gartner analysts came up with an interesting
analysis about the future of Windows. See

for some articles.

A main point made is that Windows is to bulky, inflexible and does not
scale - especially to low hardware resources. Gnu/Linux on the other
hand is the exact opposite. It is extremely modular, usable in every
thinkable way and scales very nicely. In other words the quality of
Gnu/Linux is higher than that of Windows here.

BTW: Gartner sees a very positive future for Free Software. See,1000000121,39379900,00.htm[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]-open-source-unavoidable.html

for some articles about this.

I remember that years ago I stated that the technical quality of Free
Software is higher than or proprietary software and that this is the
real reason why Free Software is on the rise - not license costs or
so. People then did not understand what I meant. I think this report
is a clear proof of what I meant then.

If you read the articles about Windows mentioned above then you will
also notice that a good part of the reason for that perceived collapse
of Windows is because of the need to earn money with Windows. In other
words: It were precicely these alienated incentives which cause
trouble to Microsoft.

Personally I see these real-world developments as a strong indication
that the Oekonux theories at least are not in contradiction to what is
really happening.



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