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Re: Role of markets (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Fundamental text by StefanMn and Stefan

I do not think there will ever be more successful market players
but capitalist corporations.

Capitalism happens to be winning now, but we know it is very inefficient.

But since the 18
years I am on that track, I have not found one corporation that did more
than lip service to this market model

If we ever determined the mechanical 'error' in Capitalism that causes
problems we see, couldn't we start a corporation for ourselves that
has some sort of "Terms of Operation" - a contract that constrains
trade in a manner similar maybe to the GNU GPL?

The pattern of the GNU GPL is:
. Owners choose to apply some constraints to the trade of their OWN property.
. One constraint requires any seller (or giver) must insure the new
consumer (user) gains "at cost" access the capital (sources) of that

The consumer can slowly gain "at cost" access (ownership) to the
Capital required for physical production if "price above cost"
(profit) is treated as an investment from the consumer who paid it.

I may be right or wrong about the shape of the contract, but either
way couldn't a contract we choose to apply to a corporation we begin
ourselves hold those ideals in place?

Whatever constraint we find to be appropriate, let's write a contract
that can be applied to the physical aspects of all things (all things
are simply design applied to mass) so that we can begin a corporation
under those Terms of Operation and finally begin to outcooperate the
inefficient Capitalists.

Contact: projekt

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