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What is the mission? (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Role of markets)

On 2008-08-12 16:20, Samuel Rose wrote:
You may be right with this assumption. Nevertheless, by choosing
markets those people are on the wrong track. And we are responsible
to told them instead simply accepting what they are doing. It is
not a question of coersive power, but of truth.

The real problem, a problem that has existed with humans pretty much
throughout human existence, is that ****when you tell people what you
perceive to be the truth, they often will not understand what you are
telling them in the way that you intend****

They will filter it through **their** world view, dismiss the parts
that they think collide with **their** version of the "truth", and
accept those that resonate with their fundamental assumptions about


 At least as many if not more are incredulous to the very
notion that anything but capitalistic markets will work.

What you describe very clearly has a scientific term: fetishism. I 
cannot explain and illustrate this better than you did. Capitalist 
markets seems to be natural law, and you can not fight against the law 
of falling bodies, right?

So, how can you deal with this?

Don't tell illusions, be honest. But the point is: You can not convince 
anybody simply by argueing. You have to prove your thesis practically. 
Like Linus Torvalds did. Read the historical Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate.

So, why not instead *present* the change from the beginning in a way
that looks and feels like it conforms to their "way" but in fact
*helps them accept a transitional change* by helping to create the
conditions for change?

I feel that this is playing with people. You want to outsmart people. I 
can't do this, it is not honest, it doesn't take people seroius.

Tune your transmitter to their receiver, if you want to help them
change. There is no other way.

I don't want to "help" anybody change. Each person can change self or 
not. This is not my responsibility. It is not truthful. It has nothing 
to do with selbstentfaltung.


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