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Re: [ox-en] remarks on posting styles

list-en (christian.siefkes) writes:
while I prefer inline replies myself, a disagreement on posting styles
doesn't seem to me a sufficiently important topic to drive people away or
create a schism.

totally agreed. Its a moment where maybe Oekonux becomes interesting
again, since there is a convergence of people who seek to test and work
out ideas for the imminent change and transformation of society in general
and material production in particular. And I think its ALSO not really
important how we express that, "wanting to help people" or "make sure our
ideas are valid" are not contradictions for me. I think we should try to
refrain from such questionable behaviour, although we should allow
ourselves to point out the personal strengths that we could represent for
each other.

In particular, its interesting to see if - given the P2P principle is
really the dominating one in society - people could team up to projects of
unlimited size and share means of production. I have a long - going
discussion on this with Stefan Mn who seriously considered to take part in
a space project. I think it would be interesting to see not primarily if
this is possible (I think it is) - but how society as a whole treats the
need of resources for such complex projects. In which ways must society be
organized to enable the incredible complexity and interactive
interwoven-ness of human tasks based on the voluntary "Selbstentfaltung"
of individuals? I think it should and must be allowed to speculate - the
grounds for this speculation getting more and more realistic each day.
Oekonux should lead by being the forum that allows and works on a balance
of sound and grounded assertions and daring speculations.


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