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Use of money in a peer production society? (was: Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money")

Hi Franz and all!

Yesterday Franz Nahrada wrote:
Stefan Merten schreibt:
I wonder whether one can think of post-capitalist situations where
money exists but no longer dominates society. Frankly I can not
imagine what money could be good for if it is no longer necessary for
the organization of the whole social fabric. This probably needs more

Imagine a federation of communities designing and buying container
factories and communicorp, the large global apitalist firm that builds on
demand for prosumer customers.

The communities design what communicorp builds. Right?

The communities have regulated their
internal exchange of goods and services on the base of free availability -

Could it also be described as use oriented flow or do you really mean

Otherwise see my most recent post on external openness.

allowing their most of their members to enjoy a totally "use-value
oriented" life. yet, for the acquisition of the container factory they
need money.

Which would be the case if somewhere in the chain of production ending
in the container factories abstract labor is employed.

Capitalism in this vision is relevant for the life of 20% of people still
active in the hardcore business sector. 80% of people have allready left
it and provide services in the community economy that they also enjoy. 
!0% of people pay rent to communities where they dwell and enjoy the same
"all inclusive" deal for living and livelyhood, but work in the corporate
sector to make money to pay their rent. Their rent is used to pay for the
container factories.

That is: These 20% do abstract labor. May be the abstract labor needed

Could we build on that intermediate scenario?

Well, it sounds very much like what the cooperatives strived for.
Insofar I don't think it will be more successful then they.

Also if I compare it with today then everyone is allowed to benefit
from the fruits of the peer production project - even those who are
completely unrelated to the project.

Would that answer your
question? What new questions would arise?

I very much would like to develop that further.

Yes - or something similar. A year ago we felt_ it was about time for
Oekonux 2.0 - but didn't knew well what that could be. May be these
discussions are the answer.

.. _felt:

And I think you would also
like to see something more radical than Christians vision.

And something which is much more thought through and not *so* similar
to capitalism.

I think even
though its a "mixed economy" it is more radical.

Well, the simplest way would be of course that peer production
products lower the price of living more and more so the need for each
individual to do abstract labor will lower just as much. At some point
abstract labor will have vanished. This happens already to some degree
when people pay no more Microsoft tax or don't buy expensive
encyclopedias or don't subscribe to expensive research magazines, ...


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