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[ox-en] Hiddinghausen talks, part 1: An integrated collection of free design

Hi all,

I've now started documenting the recent Hiddinghausen workshop on the peer
economy in the Keimform blog. Here's the start of the first article:

    As announced in the German part of this blog, a weekend workshop on
    peer production and the peer economy took place during the last weekend
    (29-31 August) in the nice little town of Hiddinghausen in the German
    Ruhr Area. A detailed three-part report on the workshop, which was a
    fully self-organized event with about 30 participants, is available in
    German. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to my proposal of
    how to generalize the principles and practices of commons-based peer
    production into a full-fledged peer economy; in the second part we
    discussed ways of growing the range and versatility of peer production
    that are possible here and now. For this English-language documentation
    of the event, I’ll focus on this second part.

    As a first initiative for facilitating the peer production of physical
    goods and services, I proposed to set up a *"Universal Production Set"
    (UPset):* an integrated collection of _free or open design._ The goal
    of the UPset would be to provide designs, blueprints, and other
    production know-how for all areas of life, but with a a special focus
    on things that are essential for people to live a good life.

-> Continued at

Comments welcome!
Best regards

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The world that we must seek is a world in which the creative spirit is
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upon the impulse to construct than upon the desire to retain what we
possess or to seize what is possessed by others. It must be a world in
which affection has free play, in which love is purged of the instinct for
domination, in which cruelty and envy have been dispelled by happiness and
the unfettered development of all the instincts that build up life and
fill it with mental delights. Such a world is possible; it waits only for
men to wish to create it.
        -- Bertrand Russell, Roads To Freedom

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