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Dear Nathan and friends:

Nathan proposes to enlist our collective intelligence to craft a Manifesto
for the phased realisation of 'mutually assured production', and I agree
this is an important initiative.

May I urge everybody to contribute first thoughts at the Ning forum at

Below is also an explanation of Nathan's project and a link to the original
draft proposed for collaboration,

Michel Bauwens

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 4:09 AM, knuggy <knuggy> wrote:

I've shared a document with you called "MAP wiki":

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open this
document, just click the link above.

Hi Michel,

I'm preparing an essay for what I call Mutually Assured Production, a
manifesto that can unite the Open Everything movement once published as a
wiki at the P2P Foundation, if you think it appropriate. You are the most
qualified person I know in regard to the subject matter the essay presents.

It begins by talking about the current economic issues, then goes into a
few feasible solutions, like Basic Income as a top down approach and P2P
production as a bottom up method, both organizational techniques that can
work together to produce a purely voluntary social environment.

After talking on Basic Income and P2P production, I formulated three phases
of materials production: 1) Manufacturing at a Regional Distribution Center
for Local Outlet distribution 2) Manufacturing at the Outlet 3) Personal

Later on charts and graphs can be added, more examples can be provided to
describe the ideas written, and MAP participating organizations can document
progress in alignment with the tentative steps described. It will take a
variety of disciplines to pull off what the manifesto describes. Many
organizations out there are already a part of it in their own fields, its
just a matter of unifying the goals of these sparse projects towards a
greater goal..

Once we're happy with the document, we can then contact organizations that
relate to the methods described, and help make the written abstraction a
physical reality.

A document like this can really get things moving. You're free to edit the
document and are welcome to bring others in that can best fill in particular
knowledge gaps.

Nathan Cravens

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