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[ox-en] Is Free Software a P2P Phenomenon?

I'm having trouble finding the quotes I thought I had read about the
current definition of P2P.

Does the P2P definition disqualify any organization that may require
payment for participation?

If so, then Free Software is not a P2P phenomenon, for it allows
owners to charge any amount of money for those outputs.

Furthermore, if P2P does not allow owners to charge for their product,
then it is NOT Free Software, for the definition of Free Software also
requires that freedom of commerce not be suppressed.

Quotes from "The Free Software Definition" at

1. ""Free software" is a matter of liberty, not price"

2. "you should be free to redistribute copies, ... either gratis or
charging a fee for distribution,"

3. "you always have the freedom to copy and change the software, even
to sell copies"

4. ""Free software" does not mean "non-commercial." A free program
must be available for commercial use, commercial development, and
commercial distribution. Commercial development of free software is no
longer unusual; such free commercial software is very important."

5. "When talking about free software, it is best to avoid using terms
like "give away" or "for free," because those terms imply that the
issue is about price, not freedom"
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