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Re: [ox-en] leapfrogging debate: where will it happen? in the west or not?

Michel Bauwens wrote:
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I think this is of interest here as well, see

Michel Bauwens:

"In any transition, three phases can be recognized: 1) the pioneering phase
which takes place in the dominant countries of the old sphere (example:
emergent of merchants in feudal/imperial Spain and Portugal); 2) a
revolutionary/evolutionary phase: the revolution takes place at the
periphery (i.e. the merchants take power in Holland and England), while in
the former dominant countries, an evolutionary caste merger takes place. But
the countries where the revolution takes place, become the new dominant
power centers. Example: the workers revolution's took place at the periphery
in Russia and China, but in the West,the elite of the worker's caste merged
with the merchant class to form social-welfare with technocratic capitalism.

Now to my own point. Think of the new OSCAR open source solar car project.
Who in the West would be interested? It seems unlikely as workers would take
a pay cut, and capital would be weary of operating without the IP projection
that guarantees state-protected extra profits. But what of the Asian capital
owners, who are in any case already illegaly copying many IP-protected
designs. Why would they not be interested in taking up such copyright free
designs? I see such an evolution as a distinct possibility." (

During the recent blockade of the Gaza strip, there was a flurry of articles like this

on how Palestinians were getting round transport problems.

Contact: projekt

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