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Re: [ox-en] the commons as the condition for the basic income

In list-en "Vasilis Kostakis" <kostakis.b> writes:

institutionalization of the Commons is not an imperative just for the
distribution ,as you articulate it, but amongst others wealth
in the proposed way, is a process that could simultaneously eliminate
pollution and provide a basic income.


thank you for your swift reply.

As you can see I am also struggling with the idea of basic income. 
Compare it to the "safe jobs" of the past, where the broad consensus with
the accumulation regime was bought on the base of dependencies.

There is a chance that in the aftermath of the economical crisis 
a call for a "new deal" policy will be succesful and could be organized
around a commons.

Nevertheless, it seems that solving the economical and solving the 
ecological crisis are mostly seen as two independent things.

Only if we can show the economic power of the commons we might be able
to achieve something.

My friend Joseph Smyth had some thoughts on this that might be relevant:


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