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Re: [ox-en] Where is a Common Linux?

graham wrote:

In the first case, if notebook customers only want a system which mimics Windows as much as possible, why is it better if this is Linux?

There is a huge culture of computer use, which has been manufactured to a great extend by Microsoft, Apple, and all the other big software vendors. You can't blame ordinary users for not wanting disruption when upgrading their computers. I think it is very important to make people aware of what they really buy into when using proprietary software. I'm not even thinking of those freedoms Richard Stallman keeps pointing out. I'm thinking of the big corporations' mindset of "we know what you really want".

They are asking for a supposedly neutral 'technology' which has discarded all the social features of Linux. There is no essential feature of Linux (any more than a commodity has a crystal of value in it, to refer to another thread) which makes it good to spread; the important thing about it is the social relationships it embodies. Remove those, and what is left but a different version of windows?
Don't expect users to be all enthusiastic about their newly found freedoms if they in fact start using Linux. This is a long process of empowerment. My wife used to be a graphics designer. She occasionally still works on graphics design, for personal use. Nowadays she uses Free software, such as gimp, inkscape, scribus, etc. (yay !) But she regularly complains that these tools don't work the same (good) way as the (in the professional world) much more popular equivalents. I keep suggesting that she tries to get in touch with the community of UI designers working on enhancements to the above Free tools, to express her concerns / suggestions. Well, you can see how those discussions go. :-)



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