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[ox-en] Re: Explaining Tit for Tat in the Context of Generalized Exchange

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Hi Marc,

I'm not sure what specifically you want me to reword ?

I'm in a little difficult mental space right now, rather stressed and not
very conducive to deep thinking ...

my 'survival' is on the line, but I have 3 new job options to choose from,
each with a difficult mix of bonuses and maluses .. When that is over, I
should be more available,

I'll soon be in a new professional situation,


On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 3:12 AM, marc fawzi <marc.fawzi> wrote:

I would trust Michel's re-wording of what I'm trying to mediate (to those
who have a specific definition of what P2P is about) and I would use that
re-wording in the model's explanations.

So Michel whenever you have the time to do this it will be extremely

Thank you.

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 12:08 PM, marc fawzi <marc.fawzi> wrote:

The following explanation is sorely missing from the explanations in the
P2P Social Currency Model:

Someone who put 10M joules into producing some product (let's call him
Tom) will get that energy back not from the person who buys the product
(let's call him John), who actually pays Tom 1,000 joule tokens for the
product, but from the person who makes the food that Tom eats and/or from
the person who provides entertainment that makes life livable for Tom and/or
from whatever producer of goods and services that makes the enables (or
helps to enable) sustainable production of XYZ by Tom, and this amounts to a
generalized exchange of energy (or outflow/inflow loop) between Tom and the
entire community, not Tom and John.

You may say then what's the difference between joule tokens and money?
There is a big difference. It's highlight in the following provable
propositions that are each unique to "energy as currency" (as defined in the
model) and cannot be attained using the existing system:

1. Convert surplus energy, generated by peers and stored as common
inventory, to a new kind of currency (defined under this model as a
tokenizer of energy and information) having an absolute value in energy,
which does not increase or decrease over time.

2. Direct the flow of "money," as defined under this model (see: Model's
Axioms,) using the aforementioned new kind of currency, towards socially,
ecologically and environmentally intelligent producers of goods and

3. Enable a model of the economy where in order for peers to grow their
wealth (comparatively speaking) they have to share it (by lending their
money to others.) In other words, "the more you share, the more you have."

4. Enable a model of the economy that promotes sustainable abundance in
P2P energy and minimizes the deficit/surplus mismatches between peers in
both money and energy.

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