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[ox-en] important appeal: social media and p2p tools against the meltdown

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Thanks to Joseph (or was it Sam?), I came across,
which I will cover on the blog, and through some further linking on
initiatives such as

Though commercial, it illustrates that social media and p2p tools can be one
of the ways to help individuals and communities cope with the crisis, and
even transform our  society and economy.

Since this issue is eminently practical and affects human survival and
well-being, I think we should cover these initiatives with more focus than

So here is a first appeal:

- can you send me anything you have already found on the topic? The only
requirement is that it represents some practical advance for those who would
use it, making a real difference in their lives ...

I will start the following page to keep track of it:


Working at - -

Volunteering at the P2P Foundation:  - -

Monitor updates at

The work of the P2P Foundation is supported by SHIFTN,

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Contact: projekt

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