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[ox-en] Difference between Physical and Information production

Stefan Merten wrote:
 The thesis that there is perhaps no principal
difference between physical and information production is far from
widely understood and accepted theoretically.

Diego Saravia wrote:
:) its not true

complete diferent animals

I'm very interested in the perceived and actual differences between
the 'informational' and the 'physical' goods.

Much of the debate that occurs on this list has subtle references to
that claim or to the counter-claim because of how it alters that
peer's perception.

This subject was discussed directly in the thread "'Rival vs.
Anti-Rival, or Type vs. Instance'" at

Another piece on the same subject is "'One Loaf Per Child'" at

A more recent exchange along the same lines is "'Board game to
understand non scarcity'" at

As you might notice, this subject fascinates me.

Not only in a strategic sense because of the importance it holds in
keeping us from understanding how to proceed economically,

But also in the psychological or social sense that keeps either group
(those who claim there is no difference, and those who claim there is)
from being able to prove their stance to the other group.

Maybe it is just a misalignment of word definitions causing the
parties to ignorantly "talk past" one another with incomplete

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