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[ox-en] Hubs as entrypoints to P2P culture, was: P2P living environments

Josef writes:

But yes, are there any concrete proposals? (hosts are notoriously busy


you and Michel must have received the invitation to the Axladitsa meeting
which is attached here; I am just stunned about this piece of
self-organized wisdom where the host community understands its role and
responsibility from inside already. Now this particular event is almost
too much of a Global Villages business (maybe the most GlobalVillages
minded event ever conceived), (and I deplore not being able to be there
because of another very important one in Germany) but in a similar way a
meeting - or a series of meetings - of the hub community like this could
be dedicated on the useful results of our mapping of the P2P world.

I think thats simple and logical. My offer to the hub community was to
offer  (in exactly this framework) a "peer2peer immersion" meeting hosted
maybe by people like Michel and others, for the viewpoint of the hub user.
The idea is "getting people on fire" through the most suitable community
connections offered by the hub that might have the potential to change
their lives. A hub could behave like a library, that offers a particular
and special consulting to any individual willing to use the medium to its
fullest potential. Of course we at GIVE have for a long time considered
even a professional education model for this, called Regional Information
Coaching (the name refers to the fact that global knowledge resources
could contribute and manifest in local activity and networking) and the
Hungarian Telehouse Association came up with the concept of the
Information Society Mentor.

so for me the answer is obvious. Oh yes, and also I suggest the hub
network should join the telecentre network to bring these viewpoint into a
larger scope.


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