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Re: [ox-en] Marginalism - the religion

2009/4/21 Patrick Anderson <agnucius>:
Michel Bauwens wrote:
the cost for the generalized infrastructure is socialized and should remain so

Diego Saravia wrote:
in fact they [physical costs] are socialized, but that is not the point.

How can you possibly say these costs are 'socialized'?

Maybe you guys live in a country where the fiber-optic cables,
phone-lines and satellite communication centers are state owned?

Even in that case I wouldn't call it 'socialized' in a positive sense

I agree with you

every telco user pays for that

- since nearly every current government has been hijacked by
Capitalist Corporations for the purpose of increasing scarcity for


But no matter where you live, are you saying the costs that Google
pays are somehow socialized?

google make earnings with publicity, every searcher pay google via
his/her spending

Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt

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