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[ox-en] Administrative request: Cross-posting

Hi list!

For some time now there are lots of cross-postings between
[p2p-research] and [ox-en]. Cross-posting is generally a bad idea for
a couple of reasons. However, I thought for the P2P research group
topic this would be acceptable as part of the post-conference
initiatives. But now I think people are overdoing. In particular the
traffic to [ox-en] is much higher than normal and this has lead to the
first unsubscription already.

Therefore I ask everyone to *not* continue cross-posting. It's fine if
you reply to posts to your "home" list but please stop posting to
both. For the threads I'm thinking of this means: delete the `Cc:`
before replying. This should solve the problem.

Thanks for consideration.


Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT05466 Message: 1/2 L0 [In index]
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