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Re: [ox-en] Website

Hi StefanMz, Mathieu, all!

Last week (7 days ago) Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2009-05-19 23:05, Stefan Merten wrote:
And we could feed the topics from maillist debates into a sidebar.

Very good idea - especially because when automated this needs no more
effort :-) .

Of course automated. The question is, whether the mailinglist service 
can deliver RSS or some other XML based formats. Then is would mean only 
some clicks in most CMS.

The technology used at the moment can not but I could program

The idea could be extended to ox "sister projects" like p2pf or 
keimform. Using and mixing feeds is quite simple and powerful. Having 
different sources of ox-near content on the website makes it more 
attractive to visit the side from time to time.

I'm not (yet) used to RSS, Atom and the like. Probably also because
I'm often offline when I'm doing work on Oekonux.

Am I right that this would mean some sort of aggregation from the
neighbouring projects? Sounds good :-) .

Nowsdays much more important is, that all continous content streams 
(internal and mixed external) are available via RSS too, because people 
more and more do not vistit websites, but observe them via RSS.


By interactivity you basically mean that "the Oekonux community"
responds to / approaches someone outside "the Oekonux community".

Well, the borders are not sharp. Generally all people are addressed. But 
due to having the mailing list as the main internal forum, comments are 
an offer to outside people to get in touch with the project. Comments are 
quite normal in open projects.

Ok. So an idea would be to feed the comments back to the mailing list
However, there should probably be an approval process for this since
it is one thing to post a comment on some blog and it's another thing
when someone outside a mailing list simply writes a mail to several
100 people.

The other suggestions to me sound more like a regularly updated
website (beyond the mail archives of course which are regularly

Yes. First we could start to collect (and maybe translate) existing ox 
texts and announce them via a small teaser news on the front page when 
available. This could be acompanied by other news about events, texts, 
debates etc. elsewhere. However, this implies that we need some editors 
continously working on this (needing write access on the system).

I'm open for this but we need to check whether we find enough
volunteers for this.

The technical stuff I'll move to [pox]. Anyway I think we gathered a
lot of good ideas and now can start implementation where
implementation probably means an iterative project. I'll come up with
a to-do list on [pox]. Then we can look for volunteers.


Contact: projekt

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