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[ox-en] Pirate party


Wow, sometimes things go faster than expected :-) . Meanwhile there is
even an expression of peer production and other topics around digital
technology organized as parties.

The goals_ of the German section include

* a strong position against patents on life, genes and software

* legalizing of private copies and reforms in the copyright system

* official support of OpenAccess

Other goals I'd consider more classical liberal goals like the absence
or surveillance technology in the digital realm and transparency in

I'd find it useful if such a party gets more attention and influence.
Of course I'd prefer if the goals would be more radical but AFAICS it
is better than nothing.

I also find it amazing that this is a `transnational movement`_. It
really reminds me of the socialists' internationals...

You can even vote for them during the vote for the European parliament
taking place next Sunday.

.. _goals:
.. _transnational movement:


Contact: projekt

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