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Re: Fwd: [ox-en] Talk on "Social economy or peer production? - On the relationship of

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hi stefan

thank you for your feedback!

peer economy is certainly a very promising approach in clarifying the overall 
perspective a solidarity economy can realize.

in my view, your critical remarks on the term "solidarity" are valid.

however, i personally try to adapt to common language.

the "social enterprise compass" i do not know - i will check that later.

btw, stefan: would you like to become a member of
(i guess anyone can register - if not, i'll invite you)

cheers, andreas

Hi Franz, Andreas, Jonas, all!

4 days ago Franz Nahrada wrote:
I forward your letter to Andreas Exner and others heavily involved
in the Solidarity Economy.

Thanks :-) .

@Andreas: I read some of your CONTRASTE articles. In fact I often like
them most of all articles :-) .

SOCIAL ECONOMY:  This refers to everything that adresses poverty and
raises opportunity, many times its the term for the activities of
NGOs performing activities of the social state and act as employers
and service providers. Thats very much within the "state quota" of
indirectly financed activities.

  4 days ago Andreas Exner wrote:
  > Personally, I also think, that social economy has only a very
  limited potential > since most of the time, people understand former
  state-apparatuses in the > field of social welfare - no privatized
  (being non-profit or profit) - as "social > eonomy".

This matches my opinion: Social economy addresses poverty issues and
as such is trying to compensate the failures of capitalism.

If capitalism would keep its promise then social economy would be
superfluous. This is a major difference to peer production.

SOLIDARITY ECONOMY  This is the only transformative concept, it aims
to establish productive and supportive activities between actors,
especially in a region, that empower and enable as many players as
possible to take over functions in an economic network of relations
which could be monetary or nonmonetary.

  2 days ago Jonas Bertucci wrote:
  > So, in my point of view, the solidarity economy has a huge
  potencial because > it points to a political project (in which I
  believe and try to work for), > that can only be developed if there
  are mecanisms of participation and > collective taking of decisions,
  in a large sense, not only in restricted and > isolate organizations
  or communities

You both highlight the empowering and participation.

I'd agree that on first glance this is a commonality with peer
production. However, in peer production this empowering and
participation (aka internal openness) is a precondition for the whole
process while in solidarity economy it's a political goal. To me this
is a major difference.

But I'd also agree that this empowering and participation is a goal
which is independent of capitalism or rather opposed to capitalism
because these types of openness are not part of capitalism: If you
empower people to produce the same as you then you destroy your own
business. And participation / internal openness is clearly opposed to
business secrets.

  4 days ago Andreas Exner wrote:
  > Solidarity economy on the other hand is of course the most
  promising > approach of all I know. However, I think, that it's
  potentials only come really > true, if it starts to produce commons.

If I get you right then you would say that it is only transformative
if it embraces the virtues of peer production. But then it would
actually be a certain form of peer production. Right?

What puzzles me in the term "solidarity economy" is the word
"solidarity". Solidarity to me is a concept which is deeply rooted in
capitalism or may be in any society / situation where antagonistic
forces fight for dominance. I associate this warm feeling in the belly
when you act in solidarity.

In peer production on the other hand I do not at all at all see this
warm feeling in the belly. Solidarity is just not a topic there. Well,
if it comes to software patents then there is some solidarity...

As you can see I'm really puzzled here ;-) . May be you can help me
out on this.

You should know that the people above are involved in the creation
of free software tools to map solidarity economy - and these are
just some of them.

Well, I think this is an example of Free Software being interesting
for many users. Solidarity economy is just one example - though I'd
agree that it looks more "natural" to use Free Software for solidarity
economy than for a bank.

4 days ago Andreas Exner wrote:
Actually, as far as I got to know, in France no clear and/or
unambigous distinction between social and solidarity economy has
been drawn.

That is my impression also. For my talk I need at least some working
definition, however.

Also I have a question to you. During my research I found this `social
enterprise compass`_ quoted in Wikipedia but actually taken from
somewhere else. Did you know this? Do you find it useful? I thought it
would be a good idea to locate Free Software (for the sake of this
conference but really: peer production) on this compass.

.. _social enterprise compass:



Andreas Exner,
Parteiunabhängiger AK-Rat 
Grüne/UG Kärnten

Social Innovation Network - SINET

Redakteur Streifzüge

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