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Re: free vs. common (was: Re: [ox-en] A name for a peer-production-based society?)

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you can duplicate software endlessly (if not copyright)

you cannot duplicate fish in a pond forever

Both are constrained by the physical sources required for hosting.

that is only theoretical speculation

in practice every people in the world, once connected and with a computer,
could download almost everything he/she wishes

Neither software nor fish can exist unless hosted on a physical medium.

yes, but physical medium for computers and connections allready exists or
could exist for the people included in info soc.

You might say software is silicon-based while fish are carbon-based.

we have enough silicon for everyone, but not enough fish

In both cases here are real limits to the number of copies because of
the physical constraints of:

1. space: you can only store so many.

we have exponential growing digital density

2. time: creating each copy takes more than 0 seconds

exponential decreasing

3. mass: each copy must reside on a mineral substrate.

exponential growing density

4. energy: ultimately mostly the sun

we have enough for all computers we can imagine, also decreasing consumption

in real life we have not real limits

The only real difference is in the speed at which the duplication can

It is quite possible to allow fish to duplicate themselves
(self-unfold) to trillions of copies.

it happens, but no at enough velocity, because growth limits.

It is just as realistic to consider trillions of CDs or DVDs full of

we dont need cd or dvd, but we have more than we need

In both cases there is no limit in potential, but there is a very
definite ceiling on the number of copies you can finally instantiate
into the physical world.

yes, but now we have  costly fish and cheap bits.

Diego Saravia

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