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[ox-en] Event announcements


Below are two announcements which seem to be relevant here at least



------- Forwarded Message

From:  Piet Zwart Institute
Subject:  Networked Media Public Programme 4/2010
To:  Stefan Merten <smerten>

International conference on social media marketing and Internet memes
April 12th + 13th

Piet Zwart Institute, Mauritsstraat 36, 3012 CJ Rotterdam, for the public
day sessions (11-17 h)

Teldesign, Blaak 512, 3011 TA Rotterdam, for the registration-only
professional evening sessions (19:30-22:00 h)

After "print/pixel" in 2009, is the second
international conference of our research programme Communication in a
Digital Age.

One the one hand, advertising and marketing are the true operating
systems behind the seemingly free "Web 2.0", and the real driving forces
of social networks like Facebook. On the other, the 'social media'
paradigm shift may impact their industry just as much as the music
industry had been hit by the mp3 revolution. Social media marketing and
viral communication tap into virtually every issue of contemporary media
work and communication culture. Yet it remains to be seen - and
discussed during this conference - whether growing concerns over privacy
and control are changing the trend.

The conference will cover, among others, social networks
and their impact on advertising and political communication, the Web 2.0
Suicide Machine and other counter-memes and the viral culture of 4chan and

Speakers: Bill Wasik (USA, inventor of Flashmobs, senior editor
Harper's), Douglas Rushkoff (USA, media theoretician), Marc Schwieger
(Germany, social media specialist, former creative director Scholz &
Friends), Gordan Savicic (Austria/Rotterdam, developer of the Web 2.0
Suicide Machine), Thomas Knuewer (Germany, economic journalist and
blogger for "Indiskretion Ehrensache"), Tim Hwang (USA, co-organizer ROFLCO=
speakers from Rotterdam-based companies IN10 and 105, and many more. The
complete programme is available on

The conference consists of public sessions at the Piet Zwart Institute
From 11-17hrs. These can be freely attended by everyone. In addition,
there will be roundtable evening sessions for media professionals in the
building of Teldesign. (Attendance of the evening sessions requires
registration and payment of a participation fee; please contact Leslie
Robbins <L J Drost-Robbins hro nl> for more information.)

- --------------------------------------


Libre Graphics Meeting 2010, Brussels, May 27-30
The Networked Media course and the research programme Communication in a
Digital Age of the Piet Zwart Institute are official partners of LGM
2010, the largest international conference on Free/Open Source software
for artists and designers. We will participate with presentations on
Free Software at the Piet Zwart Institute and collaborate on the
documentation of the event.

BarCamp Rotterdam, De Doelen, May 28
The second BarCamp Rotterdam, an open participation un-conference
for media designers, artists and activists.


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