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[ox-en] Fwd: [okfn-announce] Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) in London on 24th April 2010


It would be great if someone here go there and give us an idea of what
happened there.



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Date:  Wed, 14 Apr 2010 19:27:03 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray>
Subject:  [okfn-announce] Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) in London on 24th
	April 2010
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A quick reminder that this year's Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) is
taking place in London on 24th April 2010 - in 10 days time! There are
still tickets left - and you can register at the following link:

Speakers and sessions include:

  * 'State of the Nation' Keynotes:
     - Matthias Schindler, Wikimedia (Germany) on 'Bibliographic Data
and the Public Domain'
     - Glyn Moody, on the 'Post-Analogue World'
     - Peter Murray-Rust, on 'Recent Developments in Open Science'
     - Chris Taggart, on 'Open Local Government Data'
     - Sören Auer, on 'Linked Open Data'
     - Jordan Hatcher, on 'Open Licensing for Data'
  * Ideas and Culture with talks on analyzing 'Dickens Letters' and
'Making the Physical from the Digital'
  * Open Bibliographic Information with talks on 'The Itinerant Poetry
Library' and the 'Journal Commons'
  * Community Driven Research with talks on 'Climate data' and 'Open
  * Civic Information with talks on 'Using Open Government Data to
Profile Politicians' and the 'Straight Choice'
  * Open Government Data and PSI in the EU which looks at the current
state of play in France, Norway, Germany, the UK and elsewhere
  * Tools with talks on 'Large-scale data handling and revisioning'
with the Genome, Ontowiki, CKAN and more
  * Open Data and the Semantic Web with talks about South Korean
DBPedia and Thesaurus Management Tool ?Pool Party?
  * Open Data in International Development including talks from
PublishWhatYouFund and on OpenStreetMap in Haiti

Further details are available at: -london/

More information:

  * Main conference page:
  * FAQ:

If you have any questions please email Sara Wingate-Gray at sara.gray

We look forward to seeing people there!

All the best,

- -- 
Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation

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