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[ox-en] The "Free Market" requires scarcity

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Thanks for the influence.

Community Space (Gift Culture)

Establish 'free zones' where materials are gifted to multiple smallscale
community workshop (like hackerspaces) and ecovillage. The magic
productivity for a group is 35 people according to Clay Shirky's experience.
Kew Ecovillage's space and facilities are fit for a core group of 35 and
functions well.

Business that do function on elimnating surplus to raise prices, or for any
other reason, can donate to these areas. The issue with this behavior
becoming mainstream is nearly obvious as it would flip the supply side issue
of abundance into an issue of lacking demand, another indicator of market

Commercial Space (Competitive Culture)

Make investments in flexible fabrication equipment for both engineering and
architectural endevours with free space in mind world-wide as distribution
channels use renuable forms of energy, production, and maintainence.

The Scaricty-Abundance Divide

We can refer to the scarcity-abundance divide as gap between 'exchange
trade' and 'gift' economies that occur when pure market nor pure gift
economies are stable enough in solitude. This will mean the transition will
require social welfare (government spending on individuals or families),
ideally in the form of a 'basic income', until the best of anarchy in terms
of individualism and collectivism becomes easier to achieve in practice,
such as the development in creating webspace to help supply free land and
materials to create self-suffient holdings that assure individual autonomy
(individualist anarchist). The same webspace will assist social networking
for self or intrisically motivated decisioning to form  core groups to
create structures for group use (anarchist collectivism).

His Most Gracious Divine Architect
Sir Christ Lord Cosmos Superior
Nathan Wilson Cravens
Infinitum Totalus Completus
Facilitator of Gods

Dean of the Autodidactic School of Polymathy

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