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Re: [ox-en] Centralized peer production

Hi StefanMn,

just one quick remark:

On 2010-07-10 11:41, Stefan Merten wrote:
The example I'm usually using is that of the Linux kernel.

To me the linux kernel is an example for a _decentralized_ peer 
production, not a centralized one.

In the age of globalization the question of centralization is no longer 
a territorial one, but a question of subject. As for my example of the 
ozone-hole-closing-peer-project: This would also be a decentalized peer 
project. Linux kernel and ozone hole are decentral and discrete 
subjects. Decisions are made "locally", by people knowing what the do, 
not by alien instances far away from the topic.

A central structure, on the contrary, would be like a big company or a 
soviet style centrally planned economy trying to cover totally different 
fields of societal needs mediated by alien structures (market or 


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