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[ox-en] Fwd: [Commoning] OKCon 2011: Call for Participation

Betreff: [Commoning] OKCon 2011: Call for Participation
Datum: 2011-02-10, 16:20:42
Von: Daniel Dietrich <daniel.dietrich>
An: Commoning List <commoning>

Dear all,

the following is a Call for Participation for the Open Knowledge 
Conference (OKCon) 2011. 

	• where: Kalkscheune Berlin, Germany
	• when: 30th June & 1st July, 2011
	• call for participation:
	• submission: please see submission details below
	• registration:
	• hashtag: #okcon2011

We are looking fwd for your participation! Would be great to meet you at 
OKCon 2011 in Berlin. 

Please get in touch with us at okcon if you want to 
participate, have any questions or suggestions.

Best regards

(PS: Sorry for cross-posting)

Daniel Dietrich

The Open Knowledge Foundation
Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age  -


The 6th Annual Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) will take place on 30th 
June – 1st July 2011 in Berlin. OKCon is a wide-ranging conference that 
brings together individuals and organizations from across the open 
knowledge spectrum for two days of presentations, workshops and exchange 
of ideas.

Open knowledge promises significant social and economic benefits in a wide 
range of areas from governance to science, culture to technology. 
Opening up access to content and data can radically increase access and 
reuse, bridge gaps, improve transparency and thus foster innovation and 
increase societal welfare.

In Berlin, we will be surrounded by a variety of interesting 
communities. These include open access and open bibliography communities 
to the OpenStreetMap, hacker and artist groups to the various free 
culture and commons research communities. We look forward to jointly 
discussing with all of them the latest developments and aspects of open 
knowledge in their work.

This is a time of great change. In addition to high profile initiatives 
such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and the Human Genome Project, there is 
enormous growth among open knowledge projects and communities at all 
levels and in many countries. Moreover, in the last year, many 
governments across the world have begun opening up their data.

And it doesn’t stop there. In academia, open access to both publications 
and data has been gathering momentum, and similar calls to open up 
learning materials have been heard in education. Furthermore this 
gathering flood of open data plus content is the creator and driver of 
massive technological change. How can we make this data available, how 
can we connect it together, how can we use it to collaborate and share 
our work? We will explore these issues, and more, at OKCon 2011 in 

Topic areas

We welcome proposals on any aspect of creating, publishing or reusing 
content or data that is open in accordance with Topics include but are not limited to:

Open Science and Open Data in Academic Research
	• Open license models for scientific data, adaption of licenses for 
special domain requirements
	• Supporting scientific workflows with open knowledge models
	• Open models for scientific innovation, for funding and for 
publication (‘open-access’)
	• Tools for analysing and visualizing open data

Open Law, Society and Democracy
	• Open licensing, legal tools and the Public Domain
	• Open government data and content (public sector information)
	• Open knowledge and international development
	• Opening up access to the law and lawmaking processes

Open Technologies
	• Semantic Web and Linked Data in relation to open knowledge
	• Infrastructure, platforms, methods and tools for creating, sharing 
and curating open knowledge
	• Light-weight, adaptive interaction models
	• Open, decentralized social network applications
	• Open geospatial data

Open Culture, Education and Commons Research
	• Open educational tools and resources, open textbooks
	• Public Domain digitisation initiatives
	• Incentives and rewards for open-knowledge contributors
	• P2P production and sustainability models for open content
	• Governance of the knowledge commons

Important Dates
	• Submission deadline: Mai 1st, 2011
	• Notification of acceptance: June 1st, 2011
	• OKCon: 30th June & 1st July, 2011

How To Participate
OKCon 2011 will have several formats and ways in which you can 

	• presentation sessions
	• lightning talks
	• hands on workshops
	• open space
	• exhibition spaces
	• open design and fablab
	• hackspace

We are especially interested, if you want to organize a an event in one 
of the above formats and topic areas. You are also more than welcome to 
propose additional formats and topics. If you would like to organise, 
participate or have a proposal of another format please submit your 
ideas and proposals here:

OKCon Formats & Submission Details

Presentation Sessions
To reserve a slot in one of the presentation sessions you can apply in 
the following manner: You can submit an extended abstract of 2-4 pages 
describing the topic of your presentation. OKCon also has an academic 
stream and will publish proceedings. If you additionally want your 
submission to be included in the conference proceedings please prepare 
an extended 5-10 page paper submission and format it according to the 
LNCS Style

Please Note: Proceedings of OKCon will be published at http://ceur-

To make a submission for the presentation session and proceedings please 

Lightning Talks
Lightning talks are short presentations, which last 2-3 minutes with 2-3 
slides. Submission of lightning talks can be done directly at the 
conference up to 5 minutes before the Lightning talk session starts. 
Make sure you get your message through and please: don’t be boring ;)

Hands-on Workshops
The hands on workshops is the format where you can intensively work with 
a relatively small group of people on your presented topic or project. 
This is not for lectures but for hands-on collaboration, exchange and 
skill sharing. If you are interested to run a workshop on OKCon 2011 
please submit your proposal here:

Open Space
The open space offers a place for all kind of spontaneous interventions, 
meetings and the like following the concept of the open space 
technology. The open space area will be close to the exhibition space 
area and is open for you all the time. The open space can be used all 
times by anybody without submission. However, if you would like top run 
an event at the open space you might submit your idea here: to help us planning.

Exhibition Space
The exhibition space is an open area where people, projects and 
organisations can present their ideas and projects to the public. 
Projects can have a permanent desc for a point of reference of their 
project. If you want to be present in the exhibition space at OKCon 2011 
please submit your proposal here:

Open Design and FabLab work area
The open design and Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is an area 
dedicated to open processes in creating, sharing, reusing and producing 
of all kind of art, designs and other products. If you are interested in 
contributing to the open design and fablab work area at OKCon 2011 
please submit your proposal here:

Hackspace / Hackathon
The hackspace is a dedicated space for you hackers. This is the right 
place to get your hand dirty and organise your hackathon. A hackathon is 
a collaborative decentraliced event of short timespan like one or two 
days with the aim to having a lot of fun with code & data. If you are 
interested to run a hackathon at OKCon 2011 please submit your proposal 

Start here:
Contact: projekt

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