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Layout [was Re: [jox-tech] Compilation of technical aspects]

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Hi Stefan, all

Thanks for moving this along, I'll respond below.

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From: Stefan Merten <smerten>
Date: Monday, July 5, 2010 6:59 pm
Subject: [jox-tech] Compilation of technical aspects
To: journal-tech

Hi there!

Here is a compilation of technical aspects. I'm doing this to explore
the felt current status of this and to move forward then. Please do
comment if you see things differently.

* Page layout

  There were discussions about a proper layout of pages. AFAICS
  technically there are enough features to work with but 
the problem
  is that these features have to be used by someone who is 
able to
  make something nice from of it.

  Since Mathieu was one of the main stakeholders here: It 
could be
  helpful if you could make a sketch of a typical page 
layout as you
  imagine it. Just a plain picture - nothing fancy. This 
could be a
  start to move in the right direction.

Not sure how to make a picture so I will just say that I would prefer something quite minimal at this stage, a lot of white, maybe like a minimal first monday for the article pages. I indicated my preference for one or two skins but I'm not sure what's going on there?  

Re the front page, I think it would look nicer without side-columns. I placed a logo on the site which could be extended around the title?

* Site structure

  Here AFAICS the `respective mail`_ from Mathieu and the 
following  thread defines what is wanted. I'll try a 
summary on this.

  .. _respective mail:
* Notifications from the site

  The problem of too many / too few notifications from the 
site seems
  to be solved for the moment. May need fine-tuning in the 


* Mailing lists in Plone

  The mailing lists should be integrated into Plone 
including a search
  facility. This is a general topic I'll have to deal with 
for the
  Oekonux site anyway.


* Details about sumissions and review collaboration

  There were debates about how to exactly do the 
submissions and
  reviews. This included organizational aspects as well as 
technical  aspects. Unless the organizational aspects are 
clarified there is
  little that can be done technically.

Yes, this should be discussed on the main journal list.

Anything I forgot?

Can't think of anything.

If you want to reply to any aspect *please* change the subject 
so the
various topics can be located in the archive easily.




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