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[jox-tech] Re: Layout

Hi Mathieu and all!

2 months (64 days) ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Thanks for moving this along

Finally I started moving a few things again ;-) .

Not sure how to make a picture so I will just say that I would prefer something quite minimal at this stage, a lot of white, maybe like a minimal first monday for the article pages. I indicated my preference for one or two skins but I'm not sure what's going on there?

I just checked the two favorite skins and found out that they seem not
available any more :-( . Also they are for older versions of Plone and
I don't know whether they still work.

However, both seem to be based on some theme construction kit which
obviously is still maintained. May be that means something. I'll check
it out.

In any case the preferences give a good indication of what direction
to take theme wise.

Re the front page, I think it would look nicer without side-columns. I placed a logo on the site which could be extended around the title?

Using your experimental design I now created

I still need to debug some things but you may take a look already.



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