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Re: [ox-en] language and culture (was: Free Software -> Librewareor Liberation Software

Graham Seaman wrote:

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 sjhs wrote:

Paroli Esperanton estas certe solvo.  Sed estas malfacila lerni cxiu
persono kaj konservi sencon.

My grandfather knew Esperanto; my wife's father too. Because of that
I thought it was an idea from the past which had it's chance and didn't
take off (and I had the impression it wasn't helpful for non-European
language speakers).
I just went to look at and found both those
impressions were wrong....

Hm, the first and only time I looked closely at Esperanto I was repelled
by it not having a gender-neutral pronoun, but reproducing male
dominance as well as the male/female dichtonomy. To me, it seems an
artificial language should *really* solve this problem if it wants to be
considered worthwhile.

I tried a web search on Esperanto and "gender neutral," but it didn't
turn out too much. Can anybody tell me what's the current state of the
discussion there? Have Esperanto-speaking people developed and adopted
gender-neutral forms?

Frankly, I'm not very interested in learning Esperanto if it just means
struggling with patriarchial structures in yet another language. It may
take longer, but still I'd rather pick up Finnish and learn a language
that works without the gender marking garbage.

Just my 0.02 ?.
- Benja

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