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Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software (was: Re: Leftist project?)

Hi all!

On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 09:55:42PM -0600, I. Claude Harper wrote:
However, this view overlooks important aspects. In short: The
important point in Free Software is, that for first time in history
"self-unfolding" becomes a relevant factor on the societal level.

well I don't know what is the societal level 
and if Free Software is closer to being there than anything else, 

We come back to this later...

but I will offer some food for thought on
examples of self-enfolding.

Good idea.

[...] primitive societies? [...] arts? [...] collage music [...]
"jamming" [...] Eyore's birthday (btw. never heard of it,
interesting!) [...] Spanish Revolution?  [...] anarchists during 
the Russion Revolution? Argentina is pretty interesting right now.

All good examples. 

Anyway, I could go on and on....

There may be some unique things about Free Software, but it's not the
self-enfolding itself.  This is way of nature, the Tao, or whatever.  My
hope is that Free Software will help break the damn that has been built up
against it.

What Stefan tryd to say with "societal" level, is that until now
Selbstentfaltung ("self-unfolding") never reached an level in which it
is productive for the society as a whole and speciale _more_
productive than capitalism itself. This is the new thing with Free
Software. I dont know the english terms, but Marx sayd
"Produktivkraftentwicklung" about this kind of stuff. With Free
Software Selbstentfaltung itself is (maybe first time in history) in
the core process of economy.

As far as I can tell, self-enfolding is just the positive expression of the
concept of anarchy.  Whereas to use the word "anarchy" emphasizes and what's
not there, using "self-enfolding" emphasizes what is there.

Good point! In my view the oekonux-thing is about taking the best from
both worlds: anarchism and kommunism. From the first we take the high
value of individualism and from the second the awareness of economical
and historical things.

One doesn't have to coerce a tree to grow.  What religion, governments and
other institutions do with society is like convincing you a tree is suppose
to grow a certain way and match some ideal form and we must go out there
bend it, shape it, and manipulate it constantly to make it fit their ideal
form of it.  And then when the tree is sick as a result, they even pervert
this into an argument for greater control.

Nice view, but: I like Bonsais! 

Maybe we can talk about capitalism as an bonsai: it is nice shaped,
needs a lot of work to let it grow and in the end it is much smaller
than it could be ;-)


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