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Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software (was: Re: Leftist project?)

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 22:31:22 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi all!

This is my first post after a bit of lurking. That's a very good list with
deep people and deep sights. I hope to stay here and see the list develop.

It's not new as a phenomenon. Money has not been new to mankind when
capitalism made it the core of the whole society.

To be exact, maybe the core it's not "money", it's the profit. We may have a
society with money but not profit (I hope). Marx thought about it in the
"Gotha's Programme Kritick" (hope to write it well). Money are just an
exchange medium, which becomes something important only when they become a

On contrast religion
does still exist but while dominating the feudal societies they don't
do this anymore. (At least this has been the case. I'm not so sure
about today :-( .)

It depends on where you look. In some countries religios is still a "dragging"
motivation. But I think it's all "phenomenologie". Religion may be used to
scare people to stay in their places like it was in the feudal society, now we
don't have religion but mass-media mental coercition maybe. We don't need to
be scared, we're just pursued that this is the better world we may have and
all "goes well" - of course sometimes TV ask us for a contribution for "third
world" matters but we don't really get the point of how the world's going.

And BTW: In the industrialized countries food production is rather
irrelevant today. Sure we all need food to survive, but the focus of
production has moved to industry long ago. You see that when you look
at the numbers of employees in the agricultural sector.

Of course you are speaking about *our* countries. Of course you are not taking
in account the fact that places like Congo, for example, are all cultivated in
peanuts just for the our "first world" satisfaction (and of course people dies
of hungry in Congo because they are forced to grow nothing but peanuts).

And of course it's not important if Congolese's people grow peanuts without
modern industry's instruments since we may dispose all their country to

So I'm
arguing, that in a GPL society the material production in contrast to
the production of information will be as irrelevant as food production
today is to industrial production.

But maybe we need to get exactly how "irrilevant" is this "material
production", this don't convince me totally, of course I get the point of what
you're saying.

Well, I'm not an expert here, but which authorities prevent ecological
farmers from sharing knowledge? At least in Germany as far as I know
there are even magazines which do that in some way. What authorities
do hinder them to setup web sites?

This is a good point


Marco Ermini
Perche' perdere tempo ad imparare quando l'ignoranza e' istantanea? (Hobbes)

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