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Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software

Hi Claude and all!

Benni interpreted me very well :-) .

Yesterday I Claude Harper wrote:
what about primitive societies?
Self-enfolding is the natural state of things.  It's religion and government
that has prevented it.

Self-unfolding needs freedom. IMHO freedom is something which is
available to humans only. That's BTW why I think it doesn't make sense
to speak of self-unfolding animals or plants. They are not really free
because they are controlled much more by there genetic programs than
humans. May be if there is something like culture - which seems to be
among Bonobos and even Chimpanzees for instance - there is enough
freedom to speak about self-unfolding.

what about the arts?  I see self-enfolding there at times.

Sure. Arts are one of the very early examples of self-unfolding. I'm
emphasizing this myself. Perhaps you may even say that the existance
of art may be an indicator for freedom / possibility of
self-unfolding. And BTW I think it's not by chance, that programming
is often compared to arts.

There may be some unique things about Free Software, but it's not the
self-enfolding itself.


This is way of nature, the Tao, or whatever.

I think it's the way of humans / freedom.

hope is that Free Software will help break the damn that has been built up
against it.


As far as I can tell, self-enfolding is just the positive expression of the
concept of anarchy.  Whereas to use the word "anarchy" emphasizes and what's
not there, using "self-enfolding" emphasizes what is there.

*Very* good point!

And I liked what Benni commented :-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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