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Re: Money (was: Re: [ox-en] Food production and Free Software)

On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 10:28:21AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Meretz wrote:
A new society can only have money like the game "monopoly" has money 
(money only in the sense of paida-play as Benja explained). In other 
senses money is not needed. Why money if there is no exchange? Look at 
free software, its production has nothing to do with exchange. And users 
only take it. Taking and giving is unlinked (uncoupled?): You don't need 
to give in order to take or get. It is the first time in history we have 
such germ form here.

Repayment is not necessary, but it's more self-unfolding.
Selbstentfaltung is not just a right or a freedom, it's almost a
responsibility.  it's good for society in general and you in
particular to self-unfold in response to someone else's
self-unfolding.  Otherwise you have created a sort of information
consumerism where the ideas of the few givers are imposed (but not
unwillingly) on the takers.  In the most fortunate GPL society it
would be Christmas every day: everyone would give something to
everyone else.

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