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Re: [ox-en] RE: Open Money?

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Hi all,

* Kermit Snelson <ksnelson> [20020117 16:41 -0800]:
Stefan Merten:

This pops up the question what capitalist means to you. I understand
any society based on exchange as capitalist - even the former Soviet

By that definition, even a colony of ants qualifies as capitalist.  What do
you mean by "exchange"?

Firing up ding and looking up a translation for "Tausch", which is the
german phrase Stefan Mn. refers to, I get "exchange, swap" and
"tradeoff" as possible translations. Both of these terms mean, that two
parties, which have commodities (Waren) under their command, exchange
these commodites in a way, which marks the ammount of both commodities
as equivalent. The value (Wert) of the commodities is use to determine,
if the transaction is "fair": both parties only give an ammount of value
equal to the one they receive. The practical value (Gebrauchswert) of
the goods which act as commodities is of no interest in an exchange.

Of course on of the commidities in this exchange can be money.

Free software is distributed in a different way. It is given without
return of an equivalent and can be taken by everybody according to his
needs. This is no exchange since no equivalent values are involved.

Regards, Lutz
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