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Re: [ox-en] word social forum/stallman/patents

Hi Per,

nice to see you here - escaping from USENET ;-)

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Per I. Mathisen wrote:

Also, the free software advocates are strong in the city of Porto Alegre.
There are several projects going that attempt to move to free software.
All the press machines were dual boot linux, and the freely available
delegate machines were linux only.

I was just talking with someone from another part of Brazil - they're 
getting regular police raid at work, quite heavy with individual 
searches etc, anyone who can't produce the license for their Microsoft
software gets hauled away. The end result is they're being forced into
using free software, though in some cases the applications aren't really
there yet (this is from an electronics based area using EDA software).
I think the combination of that with the existing advocates is going to
push things along fast in Brasil.

It has been happening for a while, but only 'under the surface' so to
speak. While free software advocates are not always leftists (like
Stallman), leftists are nearly always supports of free software.
In my experience, quite a lot of them simply don't know or think about

The 2003 WSF will take place in Porto Alegre again, while the 2004 Forum
is expected to take place in India. The Oekonux idea should be present
somehow... :)


In hurry,
(passing thru Florianopolis, Brazil)

"What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally
happens." -- Benjamin Disraeli
Nice idea, rather flat quote... teach you for picking a Tory ;-)

best wishes



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