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[ox-en] Marxist Theory and Free Software

(from lbo-talk)

From: Mikael Pawlo <mikael>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 23:55:45 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
To: dave
Subject: Marxist Theory and Free Software


First Monday published an article by Johan Soderberg, where Soderberg
explores free software from a Marxist perspective. Soderberg is very
ambitious in his efforts to apply Marxist theory to free software
development. It is not easy to sum the article up in a few sentences, but
basically Soderberg sees software as a showcase of the productive force of
the general intellect, foreseen by Marx 150 years ago. Hence, production
becomes more social, thus the hacker movement can - according to Soderberg
- - challenge capital's domination over technological development. This is
interesting food for thought, even if you do not share Soderberg political
views on computer program development.

The article:

A related political message furnished by

Stallman on why software should be free:

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