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Re: [ox-en] [ox] Guardian 2002-03-12: Patent Nonsense (fwd)

On 3 Apr 2002, grok wrote:

I think it's pretty clear by now that the Free Software -- or GPL --
Movement is still laboring under the influence of rampant neo-liberal
libertarian thought (brought on like gangbusters thru the 'dotcom'
speculation bubble)

  First you need to recognize that the Libertarian movement has a "left
and right" to it just like the Industrial movement did.  I am a
left-libertarian who supports government intervention on competition
policy, a huge reduction in the protection of "property", and a rejection
of the idea of 'ideas as property' (total reform of patent, copyright,
etc).  Right-libertarians are the opposite.  Libertarians share only a
desire to move government 'out' of specific areas of our lives where we
believe they should not be, not at all which part of our lives government
should reduce involvement in.

  My main critique of Marxist thinking is that it still seems based in the
Industrial-mindset.  I have even more problems with the current "labour

  Whether one is left-or-right in that thinking isn't important to me as I
reject the top-heavy Industrial economy and am doing what I can to push
towards a decentralized post-industrial economy.

  I don't think we really want to get into a long critique of different
political mindsets as I have about as much negative to say about Marxists
(who I see as left industrialists) as you may have to say about

  All of this is secondary to the discussion of Free Software given that
it makes sense in all but the Industrial-monopolist (AKA: Corporate
feudalism, etc) mindsets.  Anyone who supports community based economics,
free market economics, worker-cooperatives, post-industrial economics,
(etc,etc,etc) will support Free Software once the proper arguments are
made to them.

P.S.  Check out some local press about me ;-)
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