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Location politics (was: [ox-en] opinions?)

Hi, Graham!

On Wednesday, 24. April 2002 00:11, Graham Seaman wrote:
On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Stefan Merten wrote:
Is the general idea right? (I'm not trying to make this an
'Oekonux manifesto')

You're focusing a bit on the "Third World" countries. Though
this is definitely correct it's not an example for the inner
circle countries.

It's mainly an argument for a Russian audience - not '3rd
world', not 'inner circle' .. some where inbetween

However, the main argument I'm hearing in Germany is the
"Standort" argument, saying that excellent Free Software
(developers) is better in the competition against
(especially) US software.

How do you mean 'excellent Free Software (developers)'? ie.
how does the word 'developers' relate to the rest of the

Some politicians argue that it is a good thing to have certain 
industries located within the country. As there are hardly any 
mineral resources in Germany, it could as well become an 
unimportant agricultural state, using harvesting machines bought 
from other countries. In that situation, there would not be 
enough taxes payed anymore to pay the interest rates for the 
state debts, so the state would go bankrupt or something like 

The whole arguement looks quite absurd to me when it comes to 
software. What is so special about accessing the internet from 
within Germany, that a free software programmer would want to do 
that??? Fast access and low fees? ;o)



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