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Re: [ox-en] writings on the problems of standardisation of Open Source software - update

On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 04:05:47AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Zeljko Blace wrote:
Does anyone know a good essay/txt on the subject of 
non-standar/toomany standards development in OpenSource?

Basicly I am looking for txts like "the best software that never was..."
but from the perspective of practical issues why Linux 
is so hard to get to average Joe's desktop...
heaving 20 PIM, hundreds of e-mail softwares, desktop themes
and so ... and still not heaving a good cut-an-paste across 

Zeljko Blace
Multimedia Institute, Zagreb CROATIA
coeditor of portal

cause of no-standard/toomany standart in open-source-development i would state that this is not true for linux, cause linux relyies on open-standards its componenets are standartized anyway. for linux itself how it is organized, which components are used, which kind of object-format it relys on, there were some differences from distribution to distribution but there are also some efforts to establish a common linux-standard. see:
'why it is so hard to get linux on avarage-users computer' is the old song since the upcoming of microsoft. my opinion is that it has not so much to do with the bs itself or which kind of technology is used. reasons for the 'success' of ms were more marketing-strategies and not at least the 'neo-liberal-climate' which dominates the decade when ms got into buisness.
to have 'too many apps' is no reason for not-use a special bs, but anyway there are also some efforts to supply one standart-base-system. see:



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