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Re: [ox-en] E-Mexico favours Windows over Linux

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Tom Trottier wrote:

E-Mexico favours Windows over Linux
While Linux is being embraced by a number of governments thanks to its 
perceived flexibility, relative security and bargain basement price, 
some open-source proponents are still finding it a hard sell when 
pitted against the reputation and resources of major vendors. 
'reputation and resource' == ability to bribe? ;-(

There seems to be a sort of consensus that part at least of the reason for 
this is that the original push for open source in Mexico was botched
(particularly by being presented as a financial rather than a social 
move, with results like people sending packs of RedHat CDs to schools
with no Unix experience). 

But I've never seen any evidence or heard anything direct from the people
involved to know if this is any more than gossip. Have you heard anything

If it is true, then people have definitely learnt from that experience
(eg , the Extremadura schools project), and 
Microsoft have lost that particular leverage. But if it 
isn't, than it's hard to know exactly what leverage MS have got, apart
from money?


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