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Re: [ox-en] E-Mexico favours Windows over Linux

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Stefan Merten wrote:


3 weeks (24 days) ago Graham Seaman wrote:
On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Tom Trottier wrote:
E-Mexico favours Windows over Linux
While Linux is being embraced by a number of governments thanks to its 
perceived flexibility, relative security and bargain basement price, 
some open-source proponents are still finding it a hard sell when 
pitted against the reputation and resources of major vendors. 
'reputation and resource' == ability to bribe? ;-(

But in a way it's good GNU/Linux has been dropped for *these* reasons.
I mean it would be much worse when Mexican people had come to the
conclusion that GNU/Linux is unusable.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


PS: Now I'll get bashed again for being too optimistic I guess...

Well, I agree with you ;-) 

At the moment there is a lot going on in this area (ie. use of free
software in govt administration backed by legislation). Although it's
partly worldwide (eg Germany, Malaysia, etc) it seems to be by far the
most advanced in Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries. Very little seems
to be filtering across the language barrier. In the past I've heard people
argue that this was good because it let them get on with things without
being noticed by MS too early in the process; but at the moment MS are on
a big counter-offensive (eg Catalonia - a week after the bill is passed MS
announce that they've translated word into Catalan (part of the reason for
the bill getting through - MS promised (I believe were even paid) to do
this several years ago, but didn't), and announce a big deal with the
govt. to run an 'open govt' portal entirely with MS software (ironically,
though it's intended to work with Netscape 6, their javascript is broken
and it doesn't... so it ends up looking like an MS plot in the one area
there probably isn't a plot at all). Anyway, now I think the more news
about this stuff is spread the better. But I don't know what would be a
good forum for it. Any suggestions?



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