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FW: [ox-en] peer to peer society

Dear friends,

It seems I forgot to mention the URL, here it is:

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Subject: Re: [ox-en] peer to peer society

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 michel.bauwens wrote:

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Dear friends,

I believe I have failed to transmit this to this list so far. I have
just finished an essay which tracks the transformation of peer to peer
from a technological paradigm, to a socio-cultural form that points out
to a new form of civilisation. Stefan's GPL society is cited, and
reference is made to the ideas by Negri, Benasayag, and others..

All comments would be very welcome, including references to books and
online papers/sites. One section that needs to be developed still is the
last one on the notion of digital commons.

Well, now you've got it to the list .... but it would help if you
provided a url, too ;-)


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