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Re: [ox-en] Young, male and (probably) NOT single


Benja Fallenstein wrote:

In particular these claims of sexism blighting the lives of members of the lower class

Classism, obviously.

so I think it is impossible to isolate these effects from any underlying sex-differences in interest or aptitude for leadership.

Class differences.

This claim assumes that there is no difference at all, in general, between lower class people's interest in and capacity to perform academic and engeneering tasks.

Between lower class and middle/upper class people's.

instead of getting the work in a straight-forward manner whether it is interesting or boring.

Instead of getting the work *done*.

however, it is a well-known fact that most university students by far have a middle and upper class background.

Middle *or* upper class background.

Sorry. Shoulda read it through again.


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