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[ox-en] Spreading the word

Oekonux is full of interesting viewpoints, analysis
and facts unattainable anywhere else. It seems to me
that we (together with a handful of other
internet-radical-academics like Barbrook and Lessig)
are on to something big that has been curiously
overlooked by all others. Not just by mainstream,
corporate-oriented media but equally by
counter-hegemonic intellectuals, from revolutionary
(Hardt&Negri) to less so (Castells - though the later
made a contribution in ´the Hacker Ethic´- has anyone
read it?). To surface these issues in society at
large, we have to reach outside the internet
community. I have contacted 'conventional' marxists
with mixed results, two Swedish political/radical
fanzines have shown genuine interest and will publish
articles on the subject. But to get the subject
recognised by the ivory towers it has to be circulated
in credible, non-virtual arenas. 
Thus I wish to flag this question. Could it be a
project of Oekonux, or people involved here, to
publish a book on hacking-copyright-marxism? Possibly
a contributive collection made in the spirit of the
discussion list?


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Thread: oxenT00616 Message: 3/44 L2 [In index]
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