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Re: [ox-en] Spreading the word

Hi lists!

I'll reply to both the lists. Unfortunately I didn't read the part on
the German list yet, so may be I'm doubling something.

2 days ago Stefan Meretz wrote:
On Thursday 10 October 2002 17:49, johan soderberg wrote:
The conference will be a good opportunity to find out
if there are people committed to a publication.

Yes. But as most things in Oekonux the most work will be done via the
Internet I guess.

I can
not participate there but will throw out a few
discussion-points in advance.

We could start a BOF-session on this topic on the conference. Does anyone
take this job?

It does not seem that we would be short of ideas or
material, but there are more to do than writing the
book. Unfortunately, someone (german-speaking) would
have to take an overarching responsibility for such a
project (Steffan?).

Why? IMHO the job of being a maintainer can also be done by someone
natively speaking english.

I agree.

Anyhow, the translation of selected german
papers into english could become the main problem.

Most material is in German. So for the main part we would need
translators. That seems to be the most difficult (and expensive if
thinking in terms of money...) thing.

BTW: You are proposing a English book as I understood you. This would
be a great thing IMHO because there is so little material in English
:-) . Material from a German book would be available immediately I

Does anyone have experience from book-publishing?

Some, but only with german publishers.

How about trying the book-on-demand possibilities available today. I'd
say that this would be the Oekonuxian way to publish a book ;-) . In
addition I guess this is more easy than anything else.

If you google "Book on Demand" there are a lot of offers meanwhile
including a link to a (mostly) book-on-demand book "A Quick Guide to
Book-On-Demand Printing" []
(that's kind of recursive, isn't it ;-) ).

I got contacts in a small, academic publishing company
and could ask them for advice, though it probably
would be better to enlist a German/international
publisher. If need be I could do the design (I'm an
illustrator by profession).


Great :-) !

						Mit Freien Grüßen

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