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Re: [ox-en] first time of so evident form ...

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Paul Berendsen wrote:

first time of so evident form ...
opposed to beyond the single sobredetermination ...
and which repropone primacia ...
but in the true river basin ..

Gus ,
is this a joke ?
If it is a joke, then i do not like it.

I think it's babelfish. A better idea for Gus might be to write in
Spanish, and append the babelfish translation, so those who don't know
Spanish can at least get a general idea...


[  > What do you mean by 'social intelligence'?  ]

Therefore, we were, perhaps for the first time of so evident form, as
to a cycle of production and cooperative, collective and communitarian
innovation social, that inviste to a multitude of subjects outside all the
classic schemes -- capitalist company or public initiative -- of the
of the work, beyond the single sobredetermination of the market, and which
repropone primacía of the value of use, of the social utility, not only of
product '' but also of which this it contains whereas to know, innovation,
process and affection.

The revolution of free software consecrates therefore a model on which the
innovation and the production no longer are based on a hierarchic logic of
company, but in the true river basin of constituted social intelligence,
without a doubt in different degrees, by equipment of desarrollador s and
usuari s, by fundador s of projects and aquell s to those who these go.




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