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         Neither did we - we think - give the gift of hubris to open 
         source evangelist ERIC S RAYMOND, whose personal blog - "Armed 
         And Dangerous" - uses logic and free thought to reach the same 
         certainties that sixteen pints of "Ayn's Old Prejudicial" and 
         a roomful of cab drivers might manage in an evening. Previous 
         heated debates in Eric's head have included male homosexuality 
         (they like little boys), the nature of Islam ("warlike and 
         bloody", the lot of 'em), and dietary tips (meat and two veg: 
         it's evolution, mate). But only this week, Eric has invented a 
         way that Al-Qaeda could cripple America, sworn himself and his 
         conspirators to dread secrecy, then reassured the world that 
         should bin Laden's cronies try to torture him for his secrets, 
         he will give them a "very short education in what the wrath of 
         Allah is really like". Next up: following a politically 
         motivated cop-shooting in California, Eric asks when *is* it 
         acceptable to gun down a police officer? When, he argues, 
         they come to round up all the guns, pornography, computers, or 
         Jewish people in your area. (We're guessing that should they 
         come for the homosexuals, Muslims, or non-Atkins dieters, get 
         a second opinion before opening fire.) Oh, we'd like to think 
         that it's just one big troll, but there's a real tone of 
         desperate decline to it all. It's like watching Larry Ellison 
         channel Charlton Heston; it's like Cliff from "Cheers" truly 
         going postal; but most of all, it's like finally realising you 
         no longer have to defend Eric S Raymond to anyone any longer. 
         And for that, thanks for a true gift from God. 



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